HughesNet Claim for Compensation

HughesNet Claim for Compensation

What HughesNet did:
I received a charge on my bank account from them and i dont even have they service. Then they told me that anybody can still someone else card and use it with they company to set up service with them. As well they took 205.36 dollars from me who is not a customer and tried to tell the account holder to send in another 205.36 dollars in saying that’s the only way to return my money the same money they keep telling me there is no way to reimburse my money. So basically they are scamming customer and who ever else and doing identity theft on people.
Hughesnet- 12/22/2021
They want connect me to a supervisor and they keep hanging up on me. Very rude and they are not in the USA

Submitted by: Anonymous HughesNet customer in Rantoul | Read more HughesNet complaints

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