Progressive Bad Customer Support

Progressive Bad Customer Support

What Progressive did:
Well I was updating my insurance coverage online. I live in the country and was going to the city a lot for work and having to stay there more often. One of my clients suggested upgrading my insurance coverage cause there was a lot of theft and vandalism to vehicles in a lot of neighborhoods. So I took her advice not wanting to chance it happening to me. Anyway I feel like I jinxed myself…cause only about a few weeks of adding coverage sure enough my car was stolen. The Progressive us hasselimg me about the sudden coverage change and his my car was conviently taken shortly after. I feel like they think I’m lying and don’t want to do anything because of it. What do I do?

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Do do what is right. It shouldn’t matter when I purchased the insurance or the amount of time I had it. I still paid for covetage and should get what I paid for regardless of the circumstance.

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