Revolut Bad Customer Support

Revolut Bad Customer Support

What Revolut did:
After loosing my place and moving and then xmas and my vehicle breaking down i have $61 in my revolut account and it does say the account is limited and i have talked to customer service multiple times. They said I am able to send my account balance to another bank but it doesnt show how to do it and i have tried multiple different ways. Sending my koney to other people, spending the money online, transferring my money to another account. Nothing i do is working. They say that they will let me know once an update is available but still have to get ahold of them whenever i want to be updated. They had my money pending to send to my other bank acct for multiple days once i contacted customer service they said they were sending it to upper management. When i checked again it had been denied. My account has been under review for months and i can not in any way get my money off.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Deal with my account being “under review” so I can have my money!
And interest for the time they have kept my money from me.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Michigan | Read more Revolut complaints

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