Royal Caribbean Collections Issues

Royal Caribbean Collections Issues

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I hope this letter finds you well. I am trying to get some sort of resolution from a canceled cruise from nearly 2 years ago. Our cruise was canceled by royal Caribbean in May 2020, obviously due to the pandemic. At the time we were offered a future cruise credit or a refund. We chose the future cruise credit, not knowing what the status of our nation would be in nearly 2 years later. We have still been unable to cruise due to the current pandemic. There are constant changes being made with requirements on immunization and status of other countries allowing us in. We were told by our travel agent that we only have until April of this year to book our cruise. She states that Royal Caribbean is denying any refund. However things have changed over the years with health status of our family and we are not able to cruise. We are facing losing our hard earned money that we paid for the cruise nearly 2 years ago and having nothing. We are just looking for anyone that may be able to help us.

Thank you for your time,
Danielle *****

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