Cash App Unauthorized Robocalls

Cash App Unauthorized Robocalls

What Cash App did:
Money was accidentally sent to someone who’s account was in the negatives, and cash app wouldn’t refund me my money. I tried contacting cashapp support on their site and so did the person I accidentally sent funds to. They told the both of us that their not refunding nothing. We both ask for cooperate, hr, and a supervisor number an they denied us if one. They said they don’t have that information which is complete *******. My money was stolen by cash app. We both also tried calling customer service, but we wasn’t able to speak with anyone from the team. Their excuse is that their receiving a high amount of calls. This is ridiculous and unprofessional

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund and a apology for the unprofessional experience I had with their employee.

How would you rate your experience with Cash App?
⭐️ (1/5 stars)

Submitted by: Anonymous in Pennsylvania | Read more Cash App complaints

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