DoorDash Bad Customer Support

DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did:
I ordered a dinner that cost 20.00. The DoorDash driver delivered it to the wrong address. My address is , and they delivered it to 3531 and a house which had no unit number. When the driver sent me a picture of the house he delivered it to, I called snd left a voicemail for him snd also texted him he did not reply. When I called DoorDash customer service I was told by a supervisor they will not refund my money nor give a credit because it was my fault. I said how? She said you put in the wrong street address by accident. I said I know I didn’t and even if so did make that mistake, your driver Pablo shouldn’t have delivered to a house because I said it was , and houses don’t have unit numbers. I also called and texted him within seconds of receiving the picture and he never replied. So how is it my fault? She said I’m not talking to you anymore and hung up on me!!

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