Spectrum Won’t Let Me Cancel

Spectrum Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Spectrum did:
I’ve been trying to cancel my spectrum account since July, since I was leaving the service and moving back home paid my final bill and left then they told me I was responsible for turning in the box even though the people in the store said I can just leave it in the barracks since someone else may reside there in the future. Fast forward to November they’ve been billing me and told me they were about to send me to collections unless I can pay the account off in full which was 228 or something. Told him my story he knocked me down to 128 I paid that and he just told me to turn the box in ASAP so in December I drove to NC got my box and turned it in. Coming in to the new year I received a call from a spectrum employee stating I need to pay my account of 246 or i would encounter service interruption. I’ve been trying to close my account I turned in my box in December but I’m still being billed and for which months cause each month is about 60 so what am I paying for and Terry the customer service rep just told me he could knock me down to 178 if I want to pay in full and they can close my account so I told him to run my card and he then directed me to the billing dept they would need my authorization to close the account… fast forward 22 minutes they want me to pay off the account in full to close or else they will keep billing me.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund for the months I was no longer using spectrum after I paid off the first collections attempt

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Indiana | Read more Spectrum complaints

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