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Prior to purchasing tickets for a 12/5/21 King and Country Concert in Cedar Park Texas we checked to see if there was a vaccine passport requirement for that Concert by calling the ticket company which gave us a link to a chat. Within the chat they told us to call the venue as they had no information about vaccine passports. So we called the UEB Event Center in Cedar Park. The Gentleman on the phone said only the Austin Spurs required vaccine passports and only at the floor level. That we would be good to go for the King and Country Concert. So we scoured the website looking once again for any mention of vaccine passports for the concert we wanted to attend. No mention, nothing in the Contract at all. We purchase 3 seats and when the email arrives, it says vaccine passports are required and NO REFUNDS. We immediately contact ticket and they say sorry you bought the tickets all sales final, No Refunds. We called our credit card company and initiated a dispute the night of the purchase. Which they initially gave us, then reversed saying we had to work it out with We tried to find out if vaccine passports were required prior to purchase both through ticket AND through the Venue HEB Events Arena and based on the info the arena gave us we purchased and we were still ripped off. We were unable to use the tickets, as we are not partaking in experimental vaccination without liability for anything. We are out close to $200 and I want to take action against come as it is unconscionable to tell people that they can go see a concert but not DISCLOSE the VACCINATION REQUIREMENT. Please Help, thank you very much.

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A Refund and a Clear Notice in their Purchase Contract prior to purchase of any tickets anywhere they do business whether there is a vaccination requirement or not!
$182.02 Tix refund (At minimum) + if possible $1000 per ticket (3) for FTC Violation of Failure to Disclose on Proof of Vaccine Attendance Requirements.

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