Credit Acceptance Corp Unauthorized Robocalls

Credit Acceptance Corp Unauthorized Robocalls

What Credit Acceptance Corp did:
My wife had lost her job back in 2016 so we had a hard time making regular payments. For a few months, since then we have gotten harassing phone calls, play call at least 8 times a day, I had called them to try to make arrangements I was paying $500 every two weeks the try to make up for my lost time for at least 6 months and nothing helped they continue to add interest on every payment just so I can’t get caught up and now it is 2022 and they’re still asking me about these payments it’s been going on for over 3 years I’m not a mathematician but I do know that even in that length of time making regular payments they should have caught up at least something on the past due amount they have destroyed my credit every week my credit score goes down because they keep adding interest now I cannot trade in my car or try to pay them off in any other way I’m still making regular payments and I’m still getting harassment phone calls at least four times a day and they keep asking me the same question about to pass do amount I am fed up, even through the pandemic they were supposed to suspend my payments and never did but yet they still keep adding interest, I have asked other individuals have experienced the same thing and they have told me yes I’m at my Wit’s End not really sure what I want to do I have a car that simply will just not be paid off I am over this company.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Stop adding interest, and stop with the hassing phone calls.

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