Photography Workshop Ser Won’t Let Me Cancel

Photography Workshop Ser Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Photography Workshop Ser did:
In May of 2020 I registered for a photography workshop with the “Photography Workshop Series” (.com) directed by Kevin Michael *****, who is based in California.

It was supposed to be a 3-day event, photographing cover models in a luxury wedding shoot at a vineyard in . (I’m a wedding photographer and wanted to use this as content to attract high-end brides).

The workshop was scheduled for October of 2020. Then postponed to May of 2021. Then moved to May of 2022. Now it’s been cancelled and they will not give me a refund.

When I registered I paid a $500 deposit. On the receipt of that deposit (after taking my money) they had a schedule of my next two payments of $2495 due July 1, 2020, and $2495 due Sept 1, 2020. They had me sign for permission to charge my debit card on those dates for those amounts (which they did). On that receipt and payment schedule was some fine print, in very broad terms, saying things like “no refunds for any reason” and that the workshop location and content can be changed at any time for any reason, and that I would settle any disputes through arbitration and I’d have to pay all of their attorney fees, etc. That is the only “contract” I ever saw or signed.

I’ve requested a refund multiple times, but they’ll only offer to transfer me to a different workshop. The options are Fashion & Lifestyle Photography workshops in NY, Chicago, . nothing even close to what I signed up for and paid $5,490.

Is there anything I can do??

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund of $5,490. Or at least $4,990 (the full amount minus the deposit).

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