LA Fitness Won’t Let Me Cancel

LA Fitness Won’t Let Me Cancel

What LA Fitness did:
I went to jail so I couldnt cancel my membership even though i was not going. When i got out I tried to cancel my membership over the phone and they said to call back. I called back and they said I had to cancel in person. I moved and i dont have a car and there are no la fitnesses close to me. My mom had got me that membership and it was billed to her card. She canceled her card but now im hearing that they can come after me through collections. I don’t understand why I cant just cancel over the phone especially because its covid. Why would i risk my health just to cancel a membership

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Dont charge me for the month that ive been trying to cancel my membership and just let me cancel my membership through the phone

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