uS cellular Won’t Let Me Cancel

uS cellular Won’t Let Me Cancel

What uS cellular did:
I was sold 3 devices, 2 of them with obvious viruses pre-loaded onto them. The phones would redirect my URLs, apps would download on their own, and my info would delete without notice. The iPhone suddenly disabled when troubleshooting it with the agent over the phone and I was told I couldn’t reset it unless I got a computer. US Cellular would not take the phone back until I reset it either. I finally bought a computer to reset it and tried to return it on the 14th day and was told it had to be “within 14 days”, not on the 14th day and the 1st day counts even though I picked up the phones at 9 PM on that first day. I have not been able to use either phone on the phone service I paid for since the first week but somehow I am still being sent bill after bill. In order to try to pay for some of it, I needed to sell the iPhone so I paid to have it fixed and went to sell it only to find out the IMEI was blacklisted. I am now stuck with a bricked phone that costs $800. The total bill started at $300 in November is now $1,836!!!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Equipment replacement, a refund of the $80 I paid for cell service I didn’t get to use, a refund of the money I paid to diagnose and fix the phones out of pocket, a refund of the gas spent to drive to the nearest apple repair store (1.5 hours), the derogatory marks removed from my credit report which has caused me to be denied on loans and charges hire interest rates, and a restart of my contract with the new devices.

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