Wells Fargo Hurt My Credit

Wells Fargo Hurt My Credit

What Wells Fargo did:
First, they honored checks that were not signed by me about 10 years ago. Bad enough…then during covid, they called me and offered COVID relief and said I didn’t have to do anything. Now, it turns out they have been charging me >$200 interest per month when they said it would not affect me at all, and will not allow me to set up autopay. THey claim they have called me but won’t leave messages, won’t tell me which numbers they are calling from, so I would not have known to answer the phone when they said they called to tell me I needed to start paying again , so now I am reported on my credit report

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Cancel the HELOC and its balance, pay my legal fees (this fee). I also had insurance in case I became sick they would cover the bill, but they did not.

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