Comenity capital bank Won’t Let Me Cancel

Comenity capital bank Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Comenity capital bank did:
I have been paying this company since August of 2021 and I only had a (350.00 store credit card) I already paid them (211.00 plus another 35.00 as of this January) they still haven’t applied my payments and refuse me the right tok all of my statements and what they have done with my payments all this time from August 2021 till January 2022 I have payed this bank on a (350.00 store credit and they will not apply my statements to my account as payed. This company comenity caption one bank still got me charged with a ( 284.00 bill) now you know this is fraud and false billing. I told them they are doing illegal thing’s and breaking the law I told them I have rights too all my bill statement’s and where all the money I have paid them. I told them to close the card out that I will never in my life use it again and they refused to close the card. My money bills was due on the 6th of the month and without me knowing it they sent no statements telling me they was changing my bill. I called them and them and told them my bill isn’t due to the 6th of the month. They did it on purpose to charge me a late fee and indeed! They did. I tried paying the bill online all Thier services refused my payments saying the system has problems try again later it was new years weekend and they knew they would be closed and turned the system down to get late charges plain crooked and cheating greed and lies. Something needs the done about such illegalnesss and thief. Be blessed

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Apply all my monthly payments correctly and subtract my payments from the balance of (350.00 credit only) I do not own them this amount of 284.00) after I have paid them (211.00 in year of 2021 from August 2021 too December 2021) and my first payment was this following month ( January 2022). I do not use this card and I only used it one time. And I don’t wanna and will not use it again. So I asked them to close it but they refused to close it even with my consent too. This is very much illegal and going against a person civil rights. Nobody can enforce Thier business on another person no no no!!!

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