Godaddy Bad Customer Support

Godaddy Bad Customer Support

What Godaddy did:
Godaddy charged my card for a service I am no longer using. I logged on to contact Godaddy to resolve it. The option to submit a support ticket or send an email was 100% missing, no where to be found on the entire website. The option to chat with customer service said that it was “available 24/7” but the button to enter the chat said “chat loading” and this never changed. I called the number to reach Godaddy support and spent about 10 minutes giving this and that information, numbers, etc, and jumping through hoops, only to be put on interminable hold until I gave up.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Refund and compensation for the time I wasted plus legal fees

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Oregon | Read more Godaddy complaints

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