Santander Consumer USA Won’t Let Me Cancel

Santander Consumer USA Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Santander Consumer USA did:
Santander Consumer USA took advantage of me having subprime credit and desperate for a vehicle. I purchased a 2019 Mitsubishi MIrage G4 from an auto dealer in Pennsylvania in April of 2019. They used my elderly mother as a cosigner without her even going into the dealership or meeting them directly and sold me the car for 19k. I pay $450 a month and have a credit score below 500. I struggle to make the payments on this car, but I try my best to pay every month within 1-30 days late. I made 2 payments that were reported to my mothers credit late. I asked them for help with this. I asked them to remove my mother as a cosigner, or to lower my payments, and the only suggestion they give me is to refinance! How can I refinance with the credit I have? So I have been trapped in this car. It is now January of 2022 and I still owe $17,900 on the car. I pay $450 a month and bought it almost 3 years ago at 19k! They took advantage of me and gave me a very high interest rate knowing I had poor credit and a poor financial situation and overcharge me for a car that is not worth the price at all. I am stuck and I want out of this car and this loan immediately without effecting my 77 year old mothers credit that she has been working 7 years to build!

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I just want out of this loan. I want them to stop taking advantage of people in poor situations.

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