AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I was with them for 12 years. I had cable the increased the bill without telling me or any notice. I had phone service for almost 13 years. They steadily increased that bill I finally went on a monthly plan unlimited due to the fact I had them so long for 65 per month. Then in 2017 I was hacked. I got police report and everything. They could never help me. They were the biggest pain. My husband who did not have permission changed something on my account. Which I gave them hell. Then they would want to know my last 2 payments but still could not help me in the hacking. They were supposed to get back with me because they seen where someone was in the account and never did. I lost my google business for 3 to 4 months due to this.
I finally changed companies. Still never got results from them for being a loyal customer all that time. And lost plenty of money.

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Santa Rosa Beach | Read more AT&T complaints

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