Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
Worst customer service on the planet is here…., Staten Island, NY 10306
George is the lying sales and the store manager i believe her name is Isis.

Do not switch to spectrum!! The absolute worst thing I ever did was switch to spectrum…. so end of November early December I decided to switch cause we had 2 phones with At&t and 2 with tmobile… I ordered 2 phones and 2 new sim cards from spectrum… paid them and weeks went by I never got anything delivered. I kept getting excuses. Finally I got fed up and went to a spectrum store. After about 2 hours at the store they finally refunded me. The guy was nice so I said you know what I’ll give it another chance. Went back to the store end of December. Bought 2 new phones for mom and dad as a Christmas gift and switched all 4 lines to spectrum. After making it super clear to George (the sales liar at the store)that my kids phone has to work because I need to keep track of my kid! So he ports over all 4 numbers after about 2-3 hours of being at the store at this point… so I gift my patents the phones early and my kid and I leave for SC. While there I realize my kids phone is NOT working. No internet nothing. Called customer service several time (total time spent on the phone was almost 5 hours and got no where! Called the guys cell at the store to tell him my kids phone isn’t working (at this time I didnt know my parents phones weren’t working either) he brushes me off. We get back to NY and I walked into the store and asked him to fix my kids phone. George things its ok to verbally attack me saying “where the hell were you this whole time then” I was shocked that he had the nerve to speak to a paying customer in that manner. So them all the employees manager included decide that uts ok to harass me about a muzzle. Then another person walks in (security guard) no muzzle no nothing, sits down and just hangs out. Not 1 employee said I word to him! I have everything recorded on video! And I am speaking to a lawyer about this! And the best part is that spectrum is actually still trying to charge my debit card!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Full refund and take back the useless phones. All the employees fired for verbally attacking me! I have it on video!

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