Choice Home Warranty Claim for Compensation

Choice Home Warranty Claim for Compensation

What Choice Home Warranty did:
They refused to pay for any service I requested two toilets and a sink I had to pay out of my pocket even though I paid for the plan in full I paid 650 for the toilet 250 for the sink and 185 for service charges and over 500 for the plan the problem started in march 2021 took the one month to find a plummer they refused to pay that month April call again about my second toilet they refused to pay that saying it was 375 and I should pay half June I had a leak in the kitchen sink they did not pay saying on was too little money that it was only 60 dollars I ended up paying 190 plus 60 dollars service charge over the time of the contract I received 75 emails and 20 calls and text telling me to sign up for the service when I already paid for it I asked them to stop contacting me but they still did

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