Citibank Won’t Let Me Cancel

Citibank Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Citibank did:
On 01/08/2022 I got a new phone with a new phone number. On the previous phone I had my Citibank Priority debit card linked to Apple Pay without issue. Once I attempted adding this card to my new phone’s Apple Pay, I got a text message on the new phone number from Citibank asking me to call into the fraud department because there was “suspicious activity” observed on the account. This happened before when I originally opened my account in September 2021 and a simple phone call to the bank resolved the issue. However, when I called into the bank this time they went through a verification process they claim I “failed” then informed me that they had blocked my account. The point this “failed” is when they asked my security word for the account. Although, admittedly an unsafe practice, I always have my security word the same across EVERYTHING I use and is distinctly different from my banking password. I went onto my online portal to check my accounts after the call, and indeed, my checking and savings account had been removed from the online account.

Hours of hold time later, I spoke with someone in the Philippines who told me that the account was blocked by someone in a branch. I knew this to be untrue, as this was all done over the phone. They told me that there was no way to unblock the account over the phone so I would need to go into a branch. I called a branch in New York as that was the first result in a search for a branch on the Citi website. I spoke to Scott *****, Vice President of Wealth Management, who advised me that because the account was opened online, I had no physical branch to go into and that I would need to give the ***-***-**** a call back. I did so and they told me that I would need to go into a branch because it was a block placed by a branch. This goes in circles. I call a branch, they tell me to call the fraud department and then nothing is resolved. So I am now going on a better part of 2 weeks without access to any of my funds in both accounts including direct deposits from my employer.

I am getting nowhere with this and hopefully pursuing legal action will ensure a faster resolution because I am at a total loss.

Thank you for your time!

Integrity Allison

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