Cox Claim for Compensation

Cox Claim for Compensation

What Cox did:
In April 2021 Cox overcharged me $244 for 2 modems that I never received. In July my bill was $435 past due amount was $263 they cut my service off on July 21 so I paid the $263 past due amount to have my service restored. I was puzzled because I couldn’t figure out why my bill was so high in the first place because I had been playing catch up with the bill for the past couple of months so I decided to go back and look at previous bills to figure out what exactly happened. That’s when I come across April’s bill and see my bill went from $58 dollars to $479. Looking into the individual charges I see where I was charged $122 twice. So I called the representative tells me I was charged for 2 modems I told him I never ordered any modems and never received any either. He then tells me he knows I didn’t receive them because they don’t even have tracking numbers to be shipped. I explained to him that I needed that $244 refunded back to my bank account and I did not want a credit to my Cox account because I am behind on other bills due to having to pay such a high bill to Cox plus my bill was caught up due to the $263 I just paid I didn’t owe anything until August. He told me he was submitting a form and the money would be refunded within 48 hours. Well 48 hours landed on a Saturday I called because the money was not in my account a supervisor named James told me that because Saturday was not a business day the money would be in my account on Monday. So I called today which is Monday because the money wasn’t in my account and speaking to the supervisor he says the $244 was credited to my Cox account and it went towards the bill that is due in August I specifically told him I explained to the other representatives that I did not want that to happen and I needed the money refunded to my bank account because my light bill is due and I need that money to pay it. I’m at tears at this point because I have been waiting since the $21 for this money to be refunded because I have $1 in my bank account due to paying a $263 dollar past due bill just to have my internet services restored I’m so so sick of this when I call all they say is that they are submitting forms snd that no one there can refund my money. I need help please help me.

Submitted by: Anonymous Cox customer in Darrow | Read more Cox complaints

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