DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
Been an premier protection plan customer for well over 13 years with 1 claim over 10 years ago. signed up at the time for “premier plan” roughly $20/mo. it was the only plan available at the time. Apparently since then they now have different tiers…. Called today to start a claim for a laptop for AHD and was told my plan didn’t cover it. I have been paying into the same plan since day 1 which I know covered AHD because the 1 claim I had covered a tv that a baseball went through. I have now spent hours talking to 1st contact, then customer care, then the technical team, then the premier tech support team twice (got disconnected with 1st). To no avail other than time lost AND 13 years OF PAST MONEY, i finished at the loyalty dept cancelling all services effective 7/27/2021 105 pm CST. This laptop is old, not worth much BUT it is my work and has every password, file, pic etc….so i dont want to replace i held on as long as i can BUT bottom line is I have paid out $20 a month for 13 years for a plan that no fault of my own has supposedly changed. I feel they should replace my old decrepit laptop (a few hundred dollars) or replace the last 13 years of the plan I have faithfully paid into.

hold their end of the premier protection plan I signed up for 13 years ago or refund 13 years of money paid towards a plan they wont honor. Im sorry the Directv merged with At&t but what I signed up for with Directv should be honored.

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