Green Dot Won’t Let Me Cancel

Green Dot Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Green Dot did:
3 years ago my acount with green got frozen, they said due to suspiciious activity. what happen was i did a business deal where a client of mine used money pack to pay me. well when this client recieved ther service, they try to pull fast one with the receipts call and falsely reported the money pack stolemn which casued my acount and the money i had in it to pack is a part of greent dot . when i called them multiple times they said that i can “no longer have acess to my acount , they said i would have to wait two years to get my money back . when i tried to long into the online banking the system would give me an error stateing that my acount was close and i will never have a green dot acount again. i figured that it would be more trouble then it was worth it to get the money back so i went about my life tried to put this behind me. we two years later i stumble across thte acount and nocitce there was away for me, in november 2021, see that i had a balance of 212.00 i was suprice well that started all this. i was able to get them to release that 212, and reopen my acount. However in looking back at the acount transactions they have been charging me 9.95 since 2019. They keep on makeing it dificult to talk to anyone in charge. i haver spent many many hours in dealing with them through all this. i dont feel they have a right to hold my money tell me my acount closed then charge me 9.95 every month. i requesting that full fund for evry acount fee charged to me. and i ask for all the time stress and interest of holding my money. i would like them to pay the interest of 15% per month of the ******** that shold of been there which comes out to ********. plus the money they took wich comes to ******** bringing to a total of 504.48 i would like to claim extra for all the anxiety but i will satified for just getting what is owed.

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i want refund for the money that they charged me which comes out to 238.00 plus the interest for them holding my money that coming out to 265.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Green Dot complaints

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