HughesNet Claim for Compensation

HughesNet Claim for Compensation

What HughesNet did:
I’m paying for the Hughsnet Gen 5 (25 megabytes per second) plan at 99.95/month. I am currently receiving 0.150 Mbps. This is useless for anything other than email. I’ve been fighting with them for over a year. Every time I take this to Executive customer care ***-***-****), the bring my speed up to at least 25 Mbps but it fairly rapidly is throttled back to what I’m experiencing now. I have run a daily 24 hour speed test on (the one they force me to use) for about a year so I have reams of documentation. I’m an electrical design engineer and know how this works and can see the throttling on my oscilloscope.

There are 5 other people up here on the mountain who have the same service. Last Sunday, I went around and used my phone to run the speed test. They are all getting about the same 0.3Mbps as I am.

This service uses what is called “spot beams” which means that they broadcast a given beam over a narrow geographic area. Both my service tech and people on the Hughsnet forum tell me the beam is highly over-sold and that is the root cause. I can see that by watching the signal from the dish to my modem with my oscilloscope.

The satellite broadcasts to each customer on the spot beam in turn in what is called token ring networking. Each customer gets a fixed time slot and doesn’t get any more until all others are serviced. The modem puts these bursts together and makes it look like a continuous data stream.

Each new customer increases the time it takes for the token ring to complete its loop and begin another loop. They have so many customers on this token ring beam that I get a time slot so infrequently that my speed is always in the 0.300 Mbps.

I have been harmed financially both by not getting what I’ve been paying for but also the slow speed has forced me to stop my online engineering consulting business.

I have filed an informal complaint with the FCC. All they do with an informal complaint is send it to Hughsnet. A formal complaint costs, if I recall, $300 and I have to travel to Washington for the hearing.

I’ve also complained to the FTC. They told me they would not take any action until they received more complaints.

What I want is restoration of my speed to what I’m paying for and a proportional refund for the last year. That would be $99.95 *25Mbps/.300Mbps = $90.79 per month.

Note that they have given me “tokens” each time I’ve gone to the executive level. They’ve reduced my bill for the last couple of months to $74. I show no more tokens on my status page so the price will return to $99.95 shortly, probably on next month’s bill.

John *****


restoration of my internet speed to the 25Mbps I’m paying for.

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