Santander Consumer USA Bad Customer Support

Santander Consumer USA Bad Customer Support

What Santander Consumer USA did:
I purchased a car from a Dealership and they told me one price but when I got home the amount of interest just didn’t add up . So I called Santander and told them not to find the loan and they said that they wouldn’t I took the car back to the dealership that same day . A couple of days later they told me that Santander had fund the loan and if I didn’t come get the car that it would go on my credit as a repossession . I called Santander and told them over and over again that the amount of the car was too much and that I couldn’t afford it and that the state law interest in Michigan is 16 percent and mine’s is 21 percent my mom also have a vehicle from Santander and her interest is 25 percent . Santander haven’t learned their lesson from being sued before and now I’m trying to sued them for damages . I wrote a letter to the Attorney General’s office to let her know that they are still breaking the law .

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The full refund of my vehicle

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