Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

What Suddenlink did:
I recently moved and need cable and internet service. I chose sudden link. (Bug mistake.) I ordered two tvs for cable and a office in my house for internet. Appt was made. Tech showed the following week. Spoke little english. Tracked mud all thru my house. Told me he told me his order was for one tv. He called his supervisor and speaking spanish so i could not understand. I got the jest of the conversation. He hung up and said he could not do two tvs his order only allows one. I asked to speak to his supervisir and he stated he was busy. I stated you can talk to him but i cant. He thwn what out side and called his supervisor and preceded to speak spanish again. Then gave me the phone. Supervisor said i needed to call suddenlink. I called sudden link and they asked to speak to the tech. I went outside to get him and he was gone. At this time i was so annoyed and put out with the waste of time. I asked for my money back. They said they processed it. Two weeks later i still have not received my money. I call and speak to a supervisor mr. Ohmad who said it was never processed. He offer a lower rate and scheduled a new appt. For the following day between 2pm to 5pm. I waited all day and no show. I have the email confirmation. So here i go again. I called suddenlink and asked why a no show. They stated i have a appt on the 30th. I stated no i do not and asked to have my money returned. In each of my calls i asked to speak to a supervisor. It was like pulling teeth. On my last call they transfered me to a supervisor and he hung up on me because i couldn’t him him and he said he needed to change some cables. Thats when the call disconnected. He did not call back. I have spent a total of 7.75 on the phone with these idiots. Just to have lost my patience and raise my blood pressure. I dont know what to do at this point. I still do not have my money. They have cost me my time and effected my health. Please help. Thank you Glenda *****.

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