T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I had a phone that stopped receiving cell service after a tmobile update. I did all the possible tech support options through tmovile online and in person and it wouldn’t work. They sent me a replacement phone. It was a refurbished device and in under 2 weeks the power button stopped working. Customer support tells me it’s within warranty, its a 5$ fee and that I can take it to a store and they will check it over that its good for a refund. I did all of the above. The store provided another refurbished device. 2 months later I have a $544 bill for the phone. Because of billing cycle I have applied 2 weeks from bill receipt to due date. This is extra outrageous because my phone is an old model and it only costs $400 new and $250 used and yet tmobile wants to charge eme $544. I was very clear in my communications to them that if its not covered I would rather just pay to have it fixed. They insisted it was covered and talked me into sending it in. I have talked to a dozen different reps. At times they have told me that the phone had water damage, that the screen was broken, and even most recently that it was damaged when it was received at the processing warehouse. After asking for them to remove the charge, I received a letter saying my warranty was accepted but then when talking to them they say its not what is shown on their end. They took $150 off the bill, but won’t go lower. This whole thing seems like a scam.

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