T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
During the start to middle of the pandemic I was struggling with money because I was laid off. I started working for a tow company and they only get paid once a month, during that month I had my phone shut off I called them spoke with them they said no problem we’ll turn it on and waive the fees and leave it on for the next couple days so I can get the money. And the very next day my phone was shut off and I need that for my work I can’t receive calls for emergencies like accidents and things of that sort. So I contacted T-Mobile and they said that there’s nothing nothing they can do even though I had chatted with the gal on the T-Mobile chat they wouldn’t pull up the record or do any research on it they just told me no even though I was promised and Lease were up and down and then my phone won’t stay on. And to top it off I have a daughter with epilepsy in and tell my wife stays in contact with her. I tried explaining that to T-Mobile representative when I called back after my phone’s been shut off and I could care less. It was so bad I had to switch companies and it was very difficult and frustrating and overwhelming and now they’re trying to come after me for money because they lied to me and not only did they disconnect me but they also charge me a reconnect fee that they said it was going to be waived and then claimed that it was not going to be waived if their employee said it was. Please help with anything you can do

Submitted by: Anonymous T-Mobile customer in Forest Grove | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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