T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I recently called customer service for an issue i had with my phone bill. They told me to go to the store to be able to identify me, because when i called, they said my name was not listed under the phone number i provided. I just went to the T-mobile store and they were able to pull up my account with my number and name on it, but said the issue i am having cannot be handled in store, i would have to call customer service..once again. The issue i am having is that i recently switched to at&t but T-mobile still charged me with a phone bill for this month, and i switched over to at&t june 30, before july even started. The person i spoke to last time with customer service was no help at all and couldn’t even pull up my account correctly, when i went to the store they were able to do it with no problem. Also i just called customer service, a guy answered and also was not able to verify my account and made things completely complicated. I called customer service once again, talked to a very nice lady and she was able to pull up and verify my account and issue within 2 minutes. No issue at all. So my complaint is that nobody answering these customer service calls knows what the heck they are doing at all besides the one lady i talked to for 2 minutes!! someone needs to get better supervisors over these people or have a supervisor transferred to the call automatically when there are issues like this. T-mobile will no longer receive any business at all from me and i am very unhappy with the customer service i have received. I also got told that i was not the account holder and there were other names listed on my account when i have been the one and only primary holder on my account and the one and only person on my account this whole time. I don’t know who is monitoring these accounts to allow other names to be present on them but it has been a major issue for me!

I think i deserve a refund on the final phone bill i paid this month for all the trouble i have went through with customer service time and time again. And also for T-mobile allowing other names to be listed on my account and another name as my account holder when i have literally been the ONLY account holder and person on my account since i opened it.

Submitted by: Anonymous T-Mobile customer in Bardstown | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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