T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I opend a acount and ported three numbers. one of the numbers needed to be added to a iPhone 11 that already had . they ran my credit and I was approved for five lines. t moble tried over and over again to sell me a phone. I already have a iPhone told them that i don’t need to buy a new phone. after being on the phone I needed a friend to speak for me to tell them that I do not need to buy a new phone. we where on the phone for three hrs. before we ended the call I was informed repeatedly by tmoble that I would receive three SIM cards in the mail with in 24 hrs.
my lines where interrupted the fallowing day then back on the same day. I didn’t think nothing of it intill 24 hrs come and left… no SIM cards. we called them to see what was going on and thay couldnt find nothing on my order no account was found. I spoke to a the that was supervisor and was handling it personally and was suppost to call me back . I was concernd that some one at tmoble has all my information. where is it and what’s going on. no one ever called me back. My friend and I called tmoble again “this is day three.” that we are on the phone with mutable persons from different departments. still no account found. that’s crazy to me because I received a email the first day for my friend to receive a refer a friend promo. today salesperson found the account and said the order was canceled the same day it was made. but my service was interrupted and reactivated the next day and still with criket on day two. the excuse was the sails person that took my order canceled my order the same day because I needed to come in to get the SIM cards and to verify my identity. tmoble did not tell me to go in. tmoble read terms and conditions to me and verified that I let them proceed with pording my numbers and send out the SIM cards. tmoble also reacquired a debet card and charged my debit card a doller to enroll in auto pay.

I won’t my service that I was promised and I shouldn’t trust tmoble . i won’t eaqwal comp for my family’s trouble that was caused by tmoble. I need reasherince from tmoble that my personal information had not been compromised.

Submitted by: Anonymous T-Mobile customer in henderson | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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