T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
Okay so first I applied for the EBB program after I got approved I started looking into the carriers that work with the EBB & I chose T-Mobile. I made the call to the number I was provided on the EBB website for T-Mobile. It was a male who answered and started asking what it was that I needed. So I explained to him my process of the EBB program and that I chose T-Mobile for my carrier so then he told me he needed to look into the EBB program because this was his first time hearing about it so I was like sure because it was my first time also dealing with it. After he was done he started explains the plans that I could chose from the price of the 1 plan was $60 and that didn’t include Netflix the 2ed plan was for $70 and that included Netflix the last one was for $80 with all the perks. So I though if I chose the 2ed plan I’d save a little money with my Netflix bill. So I started explain to him why I was thinking plan 2 would work for me & then he asked if it was just me on the plan I said yeah then he started explaining why he asked that it was because they were doing a promotion that was get two lines and get another one for free. So that kinda got my attention because my significant other’s phone just ran out of mins through straight talk & I voiced that then he said I could like give the 3ed line to my mom or someone that needs it. He said as long as I payed for the 2 lines on time every month the third line is free. I don’t live close to my mom she lives hours away & everything sounded so good but also I know I’m on a budget & the EBB program will be paying $50 every month until funds run out. So the cost of two lines were around $105 – $115 with the ebb it would be around $50-$60 so I asked him how long would it be for the EBB to kick in & start with my bill and I got told was that my 3 SIM cards will arrive in 2-3 business days and as soon as I get them make a t-mobile account active the SIM cards and connect the ebb to them and it should be on my first bill but I have to make sure I do all that as soon as I get the SIM cards & I was assured I’d see the -$50 discount right away because I know I can’t afford a $105-$115 phone bill & also I asked and made sure I understood the deal with the extra lines. I asked & made sure that if I didn’t need the extra lines that I could take them off because I still need to ask my partner if he wanted to be on a plan with me & I had to wait for him to get home from work to talk to him about it. $60 for 3 lines sounded like a really good deal to me. So when the SIM cards came in they didn’t work for his phone or mine because they were locked to straight talk I had to pay $100 to straight talk so my iPhone can be unlocked from them so then the T-Mobile SIM card worked for my phone but not my partners. I made the account and connected the EBB program & it said that it could be up to 1 to two billing cycles before I’d start seeing the discount. I got a hold of a representative & it was a different person & I got told that I’m being charged for the second line even if I disconnect it & on top of that she told me that the promotion for get 2 lines and the 3ed one free didn’t included the free Netflix & also I forgot to mention in the first conversation with t-mobile I asked about there switch to T-Mobile and get a iPhone on them with eligible trading I have a iPhone 8 Plus for trade the first time I got told that after my T-Mobile account is made I can go to a T-Mobile store and trade it.. but when I was talking to the lady the second time she said that only 1 Promotion can be used @ a time and if I chose to disconnect the other lines I’d have to wait 90 days before I can use a promotion.. she said that she’s not going to take the other two phones off but to make sure I call them back before the 20th to shut those lines off because that’s when the billing cycle starts over. And also I seen that I was being charged $15 for my 3ed line. So I’m stuck with paying for another line that I didn’t use in anyway and also with the 3ed. She told me the most she can do is take $15 off my bill because she gets were I’m coming from and it’s out of the goodness of her heart.. it’s the 18th day or is it the 19th? But I’m gonna be calling them and try disconnect these other lines before I’m stuck with another $100 bill

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