T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I am disabled and have an income of only $1063 and With a 780 credit score I was approved for a large iPhone 11 that stopped working after the 3rd day after purchase from manager at a TMobile store. I called the insurance company for a replacement and they said I needed to send them another $260 and that they would send me a used iPhone. I didn’t have the $260 & According to my contract I had 15-30 days to replace the unit with a working phone or a refund. I walked into the store and The manager instead of approving a refund/replacement offered to sell me another phone and had me go to Best Buy and Apple Care to attempt to repair the iPhone which still I was unable to use and was now locked out of. By week 3 after purchasing the phone (financing for $700+) The phone was stolen in a burglary at my apartment. I am now in collections and really wanted to build my credit and feel that I was scammed. I was hospitalized for anxiety attacks that month. They laughed when I called and told me that Carlos is no longer working there but I just spoke to him last week at the store..He gave me a phone number that Always leads to non English speaking call center in teh Philippines.

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