T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I am a prior sprint customer for last two years that when switched to t-mobile began to have both extremely slow if not zero data speeds. My current lease is an iPhone 12 with 10 months to go. I have called customer service 4 times and have been escalated to 2nd and I believe third tier support 3 times. Each time I get another excuse as to why it’s happening and it will be fixed “soon”. One time it’s the antennae by my home has issues but they have no explanation as to why it happens all around town. Another time their computers say there are no tower issues there’s nothing we can do. Another time it’s congestion and another it’s my phone. Apple has run diagnostics and it’s not my phone. I’ve been told that a tower was being worked on currently to that tower is working well by two different people in one day. I use my phone for my business. I drive taxi and not being able to use maps to get to the location as well as not being able to use square to collect payments I have been substantially financially harmed. As of today it’s been a month and a half and they say they have another ticket open for the same tower that another customer service tech said is running great in the same day and once again I’m going to experience great speeds “soon”. When I press to find out when soon is I am unable to get a answer. Because either engineering is either currently working on the problem or is unaware of the problem depending on which support person I talk to. The last time I spoke to them When I asked to be released from my lease I was told our computers say the tower is working correctly and there is nothing I can do. I have multiple phones on this account and have the same issues on multiple phones. I have asked for a supervisor during customer service calls and am told they will call me which the first time they never called. The second they left a message saying we can’t help with no callback number. I can’t do my job without my data working and and t mobile can’t provide me with coverage I pay them for. They told me to use LTE service because 5g most often will not get a signal at all. Using LTE my download speeds vary from about 4 mbps high to 0.8 mbps to no connection. I have numerous speed test results saved to prove this. So now I pass up rides in my taxi because they want to pay with a debit card and I can’t run square to collect my payment.I am on a unlimited plan so data caps aren’t the problem either. So to do my job switching carriers is my only other option but they are saying I need to pay the $300 plus lease payments so I can use another carrier to perform my job. I have diligently worked with them on each ticket while my business losses pile up daily. As of right now I am paying for a service that T-Mobile can’t provide me with. To date my last call has resulted in one $30 credit followed by how great the service is going to be soon. Thank

Release me from my final 10 lease payments.

Submitted by: Anonymous T-Mobile customer in Medford | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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