US Bank Bad Customer Support

US Bank Bad Customer Support

What US Bank did:
Back in November I had my card stolen about $600 worth and I filed a complaint, the first “complaint” I was told to wait 10 days for it to be credited to my account after 11 days I called customer service to check on the status just for them to tell me no claim was actually made. So after speaking with someone and finally filing an actual claim – I was issued a credit back. US Bank recently sent me a mail that I had to fill out to confirm that the charges were not authorized by me. The first charge was on 11/08/2021 and the last on 11/12/2021 about 15 total charges were made! After thinking everything was taken care of, two weeks later I wake up to a negative balance in my account as they have reversed ALL CHARGES! they took out $600 without my knowing or warning. I called the fraud line after waiting about an hour trying to get ahold of someone, and all they said was that they reversed it and there was no appeal form for me and that someone would reach out to me to talk about it. They mentioned that the reason why the charges were reversed was because the transactions were done in San Francisco at similar stores I shop at – which is like everyone (common stores) Target, CVS, Walgreens and Safeway! are you kidding me? They mentioned that because it was done in San Francisco, it had to be done by me. I GOT MY CARD LITERALLY STOLEN!! How can they say this is enough evidence, to think I’m the one who authorized these payments. I was never notified that they would be reversing everything and now its put into a financial hardship and now I’m at risk of not being able to pay for my basic life needs. I was never given details around the process, so I believed it to be resolved when months later their taking the money back without notice. Not to mention, they hung up on me today after waiting for so long to speak to someone and now I’m told I have to wait 48hrs to speak to someone again. How can a business do this to someone?

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refund my credit taken from me

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