Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
I started my service supposedly on June 4th they charged me for 3 phones I only have 2 I was on the phone and at 2 different stores 1x for 8 hrs no service still next day went to store was there for 4hrs then was sent to another store was there for 4 hrs finally got service I was promised credits and no activation fees was told to call or come in when bill came did that told them I only had 2 phones they turned off my service was on the phone with customer service and in the store for 3hrs they turned my service back on complaint that I was not getting service had to call someone 4-5xs before getting through over n over credits was not applied bill still incorrect and service kept getting interrupted

1400 in credits plus time and pain suffering

Submitted by: Anonymous Verizon Wireless customer in Council Bluffs | Read more Verizon Wireless complaints

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