Bank of America Bad Customer Support

Bank of America Bad Customer Support

What Bank of America did:
allowed a scam artist broker moving company who scammed me by lying that they were in my neighborhood and that they were a moving company. They made a moving date and when they arrived, they stated “We can’t fit your things in our truck”. I gave a precise detailed inventory and had packed my own 35 boxes with professional materials. These two “moving men” in an unmarked black van abandoned me on moving day. I called this so-called “moving company” and this is when I discovered they were in Boca Raton, FL. Bank of America placed chargeback on this $1,398.00. I warned them they scammed me and to not pay them. Bank of America received bogus and slanderous paperwork from American Standard Moving & Storage. Bank of America made the mistake of mailing it to my P.O. Box instead of my residence. Bank of America placed a time frame of receiving my response to the fraudulent paperwork. I re-opened the claim and clarified that I never saw this and never signed it. They had a box checked electronically that was supposed to be my signature. This is fraud. Bank of America says it’s a dispute.It is not a dispute, it is fraud. I have filed against this with Experian as Bank of America ruined my credit. I have the letters I sent to Bank of America. I have called over 40 times and reached different states who had no documentation, forcing me to repeat myself over and over again. I am not responsible for this amount nor am I responsible for the interest and over the credit limit charges. My master card history of payment was always early and paid in full to zero balance for almost four years.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want a full refund and the interest and over the credit limit charges removed.

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