Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
I had Charter internet and lost my apartment, in October 2021, I moved from my apartment October 31st and called to cancel my Internet service on November 2nd. I I spoke with a wonderful woman who was sympathetic to my situation and sorry to hear I couldn’t keep my service going. I was receiving EBB assistance as well for desperately needed help with my internet bill. The customer service rep if I recall Nichole was her name had instructed to me that because I was all paid up in full on my account that I had called at the perfect time to cancel before another billing cycle started and that all I was required to do was return their equipment within 30 days to any charter store or UPS store. Upon which I was able to return the equipment on November 11th, 2021 feeling relieved that canceling my service was so easy. Moving on with attempting to pick up my life after loosing my apartment. I changed my address and monthes went by. On January 11th a letter arrives from charter with a forwarding address sticker which is addressed to my 3 year old son, of a bill for a total of 173 dollars for non returned equipment dated November 11th and for a full month of service. I called charter and Nate the rep I spoke to had assured me absolutely no customer service representative would have told me I was paid in full on my account when I called to cancel but that he was going to take a few minutes to make sure the rep (Nicole) was going to get reported on because she would have been straight up lying to me because that everything I
was told was untrue. He did confirm that the equipment charges had been removed but that I owe an outstanding balance of the service month because I received the ebb assistance and that the assistance paid on the 3rd, and because I called on the 2nd to cancel it canceled my payment. I asked to speak with a manager or a higher up to help straighten it out and he said there was nobody within the company that could tell me anything different than what he had told me or help me whatsoever with any of the miscommunication or misleading information that went ongoing for so long without a single other letter, call or email from charter trying to notify me of the bill in any sort of way and that nothing could be done about the bill going to collections because I had waited over 100 days without giving them a payment I had zero idea I owed. Oh But he certainly curiously understood I wasn’t able to pay over the phone with him right then, but that I could feel free to call back and
make my payment anytime. No worries about ‘my misunderstanding of the situation.

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Dismiss the bogus charges and take my account out of collections!

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