Lyft Won’t Let Me Cancel

Lyft Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Lyft did:
I just started lift today so I can do something different than using an Uber. Anyway last night after 12:30 a.m. I started lift and I had to pay that first payment of $25. I took two Ubers today one never waited for me and I watched him drive off after I’m doing my best to try to get it. The other one was very racist, he was very nasty, and he didn’t want to hear me and he told me that I didn’t have any money in Lyft which he is a ******* liar. Now I called to complain to lift and was on the phone with the man for over an hour and I shouldn’t have been so I just called back once he knew it was me that was talking he hung up on me so now what are you going to do but I tell you one thing I bet you were going to refund me my $25 and if you don’t and if I have to take it further then I will and I’ve been dealing with this lit s*** for over an hour and I shouldn’t have to you want me to do all this other s*** you didn’t do that when you asked me for the $25 so I can get started so now I’m telling you that I started it today I’m very unsatisfied one told me that I was lying about the $25 so what I’m going to do is not complain I want my money back and I don’t want to talk to anybody now I have the right to get my money back but you did guys and put me through hoops to take the $25 but you trying to put me through hoops to get my money back I’m telling you you better refund my money I don’t want to talk to me anymore and I would never used Lyft again but I sent you my money last night I want my money back now $25

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Just like lift requested the first payment of $25 I had a bad experience twice today first I had to deal with a unsafe driver. That called me a liar about the $25 which he was wrong in the first one came and didn’t wait for me I’m out in the street trying to get him to stop he arrogantly took his time turn the corner and left me after he was supposed to be picking me up and taking me somewhere and I need it badly by 11 and you guys need to do something about that 3 minute thing because it rang at 3 minute he didn’t get here till almost 10 and a half minutes so yeah I have the right from my refund that money back and I want it refunded just as fast as you took it just do this so I can get my money back I want it back immediately just like you asked for it and I also want this thing cancel I would never use lift again but if you don’t hear me and you don’t want to push it around with me about my money I don’t want to have to take it any further just give me my money back $25 and yes this is whatever you call a fair Shake

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