Rcn Bad Customer Support

Rcn Bad Customer Support

What Rcn did:
I paid for a 9.99 monthly special and was told that my modem fe would be $10.oo per month. RCN lied. In July 2021 my monthly bill was $36.00. Today January 20th, my bill is $62.87. I am being charged $37.99 for bundled services that I did not order. In July of 2021 my bundled services were $19.99. Customer service could not explain to me why and where the increase is coming from.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want a refund, an apology and I want RCN to honor the 9.99 special that I signed up for and the $10 modem fee they promised me. I prefer the $36 per month bill as promised.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in District of Columbia | Read more Rcn complaints

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