Straight Talk Bad Customer Support

Straight Talk Bad Customer Support

What Straight Talk did:
I ordered a phone to add a line to my plan for my husband I found out i didn’t need it so tried to cancel order and was told I couldn’t but they were out of stock if not sent by the next morning I would get a refund the NIGHT after no refund and says my order shipped. In the process i broke the screen on my phone so when I received the new one I was going to use it for me. Charged the phone turned it on and got to the system update then the phone turns off and back on a thousand times so called back trouble shooted the phone reset it didn’t work 3 phone calls trying to get the stuff to send the phone back in and the 3rd one tells me theres a return label in the box. She didnt know why they were trying to email it and the email was wrong. But it’s linked to my account and i told them it. Here we are almost to the cut off to get a refund and I still dont have a phone to use on a month service I haven’t used.

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A refund and a phone that works

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