United Airlines Bad Customer Support

United Airlines Bad Customer Support

What United Airlines did:
United airlines cancelled a very important international flight that I had scheduled for a medical procedure. On departure day, myself and other passengers boarded the plane and then were asked to step off. There was some type of issue that caused them to cancel the flight. I could not be rescheduled the same day because I would have still missed my connecting flights in Houston and Germany. I had to be rescheduled an entire 24 hours later. This caused me to miss my scheduled procedure and having to pay an additional $550 to my doctor to fit me into their already busy schedule. When I filed a claim through them they asked for supporting documention and when I provided the letter from my doctor on letterhead they denied to reimburse me anything. This all happened June 2020 and I have been given the run around every since. They simply added skymiles to my account that I wont use because I will never fly with them again. I want monetary reimbursement.

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Refund for flight

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