Windstream Bad Customer Support

Windstream Bad Customer Support

What Windstream did:
I went to the local retail store. The lone person in the building was obviously too afraid to be there as she was barricaded in her cube. with chairs and a marque sign around her. She kept referring my billing question to the “attorney general”. The attorney general DOES NOT do the Windstream billing! My second question was regarding the YouTube TV marketed by the local office. She told me to call YouTube – are you kidding me….call YouTube! I didn’t dare ask my third question about the instability of your Internet service. When asked to speak with someone with knowledge, she said she would get a managers’ contact info. I said it was probably someone in another part of the nation. She insulted me saying “it isn’t an Asian”. I am Asian! Today I thought I would get customer service from the 800 number. However, it is strikingly apparent that Windstream does not have customer service. The person interrupted me numerous times while I was inquiring. She could not explain why i have double taxes and fees nor why my billing amount is more than 50% of taxes and fees. I left Spectrum for Windstream – their taxes and fees on the billing statement are a fraction of Windstream for more services than I have with Windstream! “Contessia” or “Tessisa” the customer service rep wouldn’t connect me with a manager when I requested multiple times. Then said she would have one call me back. That was over five hours ago. Fairly certain my request was disregarded when the call ended.

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Explain to me why the taxes/fees are excessive in comparison to a competitor.

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