Experian Collections Issues

Experian Collections Issues

What Experian did:
They have locked me out of even logging in to my account due to the 19.95 subscription fee they want me to pay to log in.. I’ve called numberous times some days 6 calls to get the same message no one can take my call. I have also tried to contact them by email and chat and nothing .. I have needed my credit file unfroze and my subscription that was saposed to be canceled and I did cancel it on my part but idk kinda hard when no live agents like they say in the emails .. I have needed my file unfroze and my kids and I are gonna be homeless if some thing don’t happen bc I can afford to pay the 20 just to sign in my account so therefore they should of changed it and let me log in … they have made my life hell with this and probably lost about 5498 in funds dt this

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A complete refund , and complete compensation of my time and accounts that was not able to be opened or that have been denied so to this diligence on their behalf.. they scam people and it’s absolutely appalling

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