Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

What Santander Consumer USA did:
My name is Jimmy James ***** and I’m a 65 yr old Native American Disabled male. What’s funny to me is how Santander Consumer USA after having to pay a settlement of millions of dollars still are getting to consumers like me!
I purchased a 2008 Chevy Impala in 2016 used at the time I had bad credit needed a car to get to work. I paid $ 14,000 and my payments were $ 500.00 a month. Santander financed it. From the get go the car was a lemon. I have replaced just about every motor part and emissions parts and front end parts and a new transmission and have had countless electrical issues . I have been driving down the road more times than I can remember doing 70 miles an hour and the car just dies. No power. Locks up ! Almost been killed twice ! The car has been in the shop more than I have driven it. I have spent probably in the excess of $ 10,000 dollars in parts and repairs and mechanics fees and tow bills. And the car has been sitting for 3 months now cause it needs electrical work done on it again and it will cost about $ 1,000 . And not mentioning the cost of the dmv fees and smog fees !
I mentioned before I paid $ 14,000 for the car well I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2018 and still paying for another year. I went and got a appraisal done on the car by a dealership and they appraised it at $ 2,500
So I motion the bankruptcy court and the court granted
My motion. I was under the impression that that $ 2,500 dollars was all I was going to pay. Santander somehow put in a unsecured claim on my bankruptcy plan and I didn’t know about and I’m trying to finish paying off my chapter 13 and the claim is for almost 12,000 dollars. So I’m still paying for the car. And after Santander sent me $ 265.00 dollars settlement money after they told me they were going to forgive my loan but never did. The bankruptcy is taking all my monthly income cause I’m on social security . I can’t sell the car due to it tie up in bankruptcy !
Santander has screwed me the entire time of my dealing with them, they charged me fees and harassed me all the time with phone calls, they are the most unpleasant company any person should have to deal with. Somebody needs to stop them!
Jimmy James *****
Lamont, *****

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