Spectrum Lied About the Price

Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Spectrum did:
I went to spectrum for a modem. I was told when I call the company that the modem I had was only 100 meg of data when I should be receiving 400 meg of data for the service. They stated I needed a new modem that they provided for free. In the last situation I had delt with them was for better service for streaming. I thought I was receiving 400 meg of service provided no one ever stated I needed a new modem a year ago. So I have been paying almost $200 dollars for service that was not provided because of a modem they could have given me for free at that time. I went to the store in north myrtle beach to get a new modem. I was then roped into getting new service for a phone. $29.99 for service but you get two lines but you have to pay 14.99 for the other line. But they are offering $29.99 for two lines, but the second line costs 14.99, how can they offer $29.99 for two lines when you are actually paying $54.95 for the $29.99 service. I ended up paying $94.95 for the hookup and and 54.95 for change over and the service paid for two months. It’s false advertising when you state the program for a phone and service is $29.99 but you have to have 2 lines and you have to pay for the extra line. This is false advertising and why didn’t they say a year ago that I need a new modem when I am paying $175 a month and not getting the full 400 meg of data because I need a better modem, why couldn’t they provide that a year ago.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Refund me for a year of service because you did not provide the service you were supposed to provide because I had an inadequate modem. Give me 2 lining of service for 2 phone unlimited for $29.99, and give me the new phone for free along with $100,000.00 for treating me inadequately and lying to myself and the public for this terrible and unethical behavior.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in South Carolina | Read more Spectrum complaints

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