Charter Spectrum Collections Issues

Charter Spectrum Collections Issues

What Charter Spectrum did:
For 3 months I paid my charter bill in the local office with a check. Each month my bill would have a past due balance of some odd amount not my past bill amount. And an added payment reversal fee. So I go to my bank and they have not returned any checks from my account to anyone much less charter spectrum. I’ve not been charged returned check fees of 35 to my account . Only charter charged me 20 each time for returned items stating my bank returned them and I wouldn’t know they did . Yes I would because banks charge for returned checks. So then after 3 months they turn my service off jn the middle of an ice storm. I called and chatted and had them look over my account one agent said the bank returned my checks when I said they didn’t. He said they won’t run them through again well they did 7 days after I made the total balance Due for 3 months payments they decide to run them through again and reverse them again without my banks knowledge or my knowledge. Therefore costing me 100 in reversal fees that my bank did not initiate. Plus 90 more dollars stop payment fees on the 3 missing checks they say my bank returned but didn’t and now again they still charging me for reversal fees for the 3 they ran back through when they said they wouldn’t do that. And my bank has yet to see one of those 3 checks plus the last reversed one per charter. They are stealing money and illegally charging me fees that don’t and should not be charged. This has gone far enough and I’m going to file a lawsuit against them for the damage they caused me plus mental anguish they have put on me dealing with their mess up. That no one can give me a straight answer or the same answer each time I call

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