DoorDash Bad Customer Support

DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did:
Door Dash has set up scheduling rules based on your Dasher ratings. Higher ratings get higher priority to schedule. So when the Dashers with first priority have all scheduled the next ones on the list get access to schedule and so on. This week the schedule opened up to me on Friday. I scheduled myself for Sunday from 12am to 230am. Logged into app at 1150pm and my scheduled time was gone. Tried to reschedule, no slots available. This had happened to me before; so I was prepared this time and took a screen shot of my schedule, before it disappeared. Called customer service she said she couldn’t change or edit schedule but she will send me an email with info on how I can edit my schedule in the future. After I told her the app edited my schedule and I have a screen shot as proof that I was in fact in the system for that time, she responded with, “you were kicked off because there were too many Dashers scheduled.” At no point in time did Door Dash disclose to me that my schedule was contingent on how many people were scheduled too. There was nothing on the screen saying, “you can schedule, but we can’t promise you will work, especially if we allowed too many people to schedule.

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