Straight Talk Collections Issues

Straight Talk Collections Issues

What Straight Talk did:
They took almost 400 dollars from my account and didn’t complete my order. First they said they didn’t see the order was placed. This was on the 22nd of Jan. Then on the 23rd they told me that they order was placed but they didn’t process it because that morning of the 23rd they got a message asking for a reversal from my bank. Also saying that my money had been returned.They lied. I called my bank and they had no record of it. So for days I without access to the money I’d put aside for my items. And still without the items I needed for my line of work.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Compensation for my time wasted. And for them stealing my money. I consider it theft because they obtained it based on a lie. I was inconvenience in so many ways. It took 14 CSA to help me get any answers at all

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Indiana | Read more Straight Talk complaints

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