Vivint Lied About the Price

Vivint Lied About the Price

What Vivint did:
I was approached by a Vivint salesman who sold us a Vivint system that contained hidden issues that were never resolved. I went through a nerve wrecking few months with him trying to resolve this issue but up to this date the issue has not been resolved. We are getting monitoring charges that he promised that we will not receive until we pay off the equipment fees. He will not answer his phone and not respond to my texts. Customer service at Vivint is also nerve wrecking. They will not look into his issues and only want to give us a discount which we never bargain for. It seems as though that Vivint and their salesmen have partnered into these scams.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

No monthly monitoring fees until the equipment charges have been paid off as promised by the salesman.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in North Carolina | Read more Vivint complaints

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