Cash App Locked My Account

Cash App Locked My Account

What Cash App did:
I saw an unfamiliar transaction on my history for a “pending” amount from a place I’d never been. I called & tried to explain my card was compromised & was told by cashapp that they couldn’t do anything until the money was already taken. Around Christmas my cashapp balance appeared in the negatives. I didn’t even know this was possible but I called since the transaction had appeared to go through. They told me to “contact the merchant” Bc there was little they could do. The merchant obviously couldn’t help. After DAYS of arguing they finally put me in contact w the “specialty” team who responded in full day intervals if at all. In the meantime I was told by cashapp to remove my card & account info & just “make a new account” but that they couldn’t stop ppl from sending money to the old account even though it would be essentially taken. They also refused to delete the account Bc of the open case.
Months later, I have a new account & the illegal transaction was “resolved” on my end. Aka, they cancelled out the negative balance. My grandparents & others accidentally sent money to my old cashapp & for a long time I can’t find the singular email still attached to this account to log in. Upon contacting support, I’m locked out the account altogether. After sending a PLETHORA of identifying information from my numbers, emails to my social security number, I’m told repeatedly that my request to access my old account or it’s balance is being denied “for security reasons” & “no further action can be taken” & not one of the TEN people I’d contacted would clarify what reasons or how to resolve them. Upon asking “so I’m basically being told that my money is gone & no one’s gonna do anything about it” i was hung up on/chat disconnected THREE times & blatantly told “yes, basically” twice. The rest copy & paste or repeat the same prompt over & over WORD. for. WORD. REFUSING to answer a single question further until they choose to hang up on me or disconnect the chat. Finally, shortly after being hung up on again, I find which email is attached to the account BECAUSE someone at cashapp UNLINKED THE EMAIL THEMSELVES. The ONLY method I had to resolving this issue & regaining access was directly taken BY cashapp against my consent & without my knowledge. Making this completely unresolvable without their assistance. Still the account & the money are floating in space. No one has contacted me & “advocates” refuse to speak on it at all.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would simply like the funds from my account & for the account to be deleted so that I never have to contact such a piss poor excuse of a company ever again.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Georgia | Read more Cash App complaints

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